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Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag


Plastic nylon bags, also known as polyethylene bags, are used in transportation, packaging, protection of newly manufactured parts, storage and many other industries and applications. The plastic bags of Hoşgör Plastik are suitable for storing, transporting and protecting everything from food, clothing and materials to furniture.

Depending on your needs, we can produce special nylon bags in various sizes, thicknesses and colors. If you are interested in special printed nylon bags, please contact us for the size, thickness and pressure you want. Plastic bags usage areas: cloth bag, bakery bag, grocery bag, milk producers bag, market bag, food producers bag, factories bag, ovens bag, textile manufacturers bag, furniture manufacturers bag, health sector and industrial frozen bag has been used for many different purposes.

To get a quote; if you send us the desired product, thickness, size, quantity and size and color of the bellows, please contact us.


Ebat / DimensionsPaket / Package (kg)Koli içi / Carton (kg)
15x251 KG25 KG
15x301 KG25 KG
18x251 KG25 KG
18x301 KG25 KG
20x301 KG25 KG
22x361 KG25 KG
25x401 KG25 KG
28x451 KG25 KG
30x501 KG25 KG


Ebat / DimensionsPaket / Package (kg)Koli içi / Carton (kg)
40x60Dökme / In Bulk25 KG
50x70Dökme / In Bulk25 KG
50x75Dökme / In Bulk25 KG
50x80Dökme / In Bulk25 KG
60x90Dökme / In Bulk25 KG
70x120Dökme / In Bulk25 KG
95x160Dökme / In Bulk25 KG


Product Features

  • Material             Low Density and High Density / Polyethylene
  • Colors                 Transparent, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Navy Blue, Green
  • Packaging          Box or Packing

About Us
Are you a manufacturer of plastic bags?
Yes, we are professional manufacturer of plastic bags with 20 years experience. We manufacture various plastic bags with good quality and competitive price.
I want to have my own logo. Is this possible ?
Yes, we can make your own company logo printed on it.
Can I get free samples?
To check the quality of our printed and unprinted plastic bags, you can buy from samples with buyer cargo payment.
What is the Delivery Time?
It is delivered to the cargo on the same day from the products in our stock. You can get information from us for your special orders. E-Mail: bilgi@hosgorplastik.com , Phone: +90 0224 618 04 24 , Whatsapp: +90 541 316 16 39
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