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Mulch Film

Mulch Film

What is the mulch film? How make mulching on plant?

How make small garden and plant with hand muching?


Mulching; to protect the plant roots from plant roots and soil unwanted environmental factors, to keep the fruit clean, to increase the early and total yield, to increase the quality of the soil surface is covered with mulch film process. As mulch film (plastic film), black mulch film, transparent mulch film, white mulch film, gray mulch film, red mulch film, yellow mulch film, brown mulch film, blue mulch film and various color combinations of them are used.


  • Storage Of Moisture

Moisture in the soil is maintained by mulching. Mulch film reduces water evaporation by 10-50% or more. At the same time, the mulch film reduces the need for irrigation. It was determined that mulch films prevent water losses by evaporation and thus an increase in plant growth. This growth is caused by larger plants and increased water use with excessive perspiration.

  • Weed Control

Mulch film is also effective on weed control. The mulch films can prevent weed growth, thus reducing competition between the product and weed in terms of light, water and nutrients.

  • Temperature Control

Mulch films can reduce or increase the soil temperature. Transparent mulch film passes most of the short wavelength sunlight under the ground. It absorbs these rays in the soil into heat energy. Transparent mulch film is known to increase the soil temperature by 8 ° C or more. In black and gray mulch film, the increase in the determined soil temperature is 2-3 ° C. This may be due to the fact that it does not pass the sun rays and does not absorb excess heat. As a matter of fact, these data have been proven in many mulch film tests performed so far. Infrared (infrared) permeable mulch films are selective for the wave length of the rays to pass the appropriate path, weed growth and control of the soil has been found to ensure overheating. These mulch films, which are usually brown, are often successful in heating soil and controlling weeds.

  • Reduction of Labor Force

It is known that applications requiring labor such as irrigation and weed control will be less with mulch film.

  • Cost Reduction

As mulching produces a higher value, an increase in revenue is achieved, which in turn reduces a significant portion of the input cost.

  • Protection of Soil Structure

The mulch film protects the soil since it will reduce the strong effect of watering or rain water passing into the soil. Thus, the formation of slides in the soil, jamming and erosion will be prevented. Also, the use of mulch film will reduce the need for tillage.

  • Reduction of Food and Water Loss

It can be prevented that the water flows by mulching and the nutrients are lost by filtration.

  • Fruit and Vegetables to be cleaner

Thanks to the mulch film, fruits and vegetables do not touch the soil, rain or irrigation will prevent soil pollution.

  • Control of Diseases and Pests

Mulch film does not eliminate plant diseases, but they prevent contamination that may occur as a result of contact of the fruit to the soil in diseased areas. Mulch film also reduces fruit decay and damage. Since soil moisture is retained by mulching, it is prevented to spread the fungus and bacterial diseases especially due to moisture in greenhouses.

  • Early and Total Yield Increase

The effect of mulching on earliness was determined by research. In some vegetables such as melon, cucumber, tomato, pepper and eggplant, maturation by mulching was found to be earlier. Thus, early fruit pick-up is advantageous because it will enable the product to be sold at a high price.

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