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Medical Waste Bag

Medical Waste Bag

What is Medical Waste? Medical Waste Bags Color Classification

Medical wastes are waste types that are harmful to all kinds of human and environmental health in three groups as pathological wastes, cutter-penetrating solid wastes and infected wastes. In order to collect and dispose of these wastes, 3 different types of medical waste bags have been created in health institutions. Thanks to these medical waste bags, the type of waste can be determined and it is easier to separate them while they are being destroyed. Medical waste types are generally used in the field of health. But because of the need to keep in mind, such as needles, doctor and nurse gloves, surgical clothes, scalpels, solid wastes of laboratory environment such as lam and lamella, quarantine wastes, each of the used medical materials are called medical waste types. Different types of garbage bags are used in order to eliminate these wastes by eliminating them due to human health.

In the classification of medical wastes, a classification is made considering the criteria such as whether they are solid and liquid, whether they are penetrating-breaker and whether they are injected or not. Accordingly, each one is disposed of separately in the designated medical waste bag. For example, serum and medication boxes with medicines in a blue medical waste bag; household wastes are collected in the black medical waste bag and needles, tissue samples, piercing-cutting medical laboratory materials, feces and blood samples and cadaveric tissues in a red medical waste bag.

The standard dimensions we produce are as follows. Please contact us if you want production in special sizes.

60x90Dökme/In Bulk25 KG
70x120Dökme/In Bulk25 KG
80x110Dökme/In Bulk25 KG
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