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Kilogram Transparent T-Shirt Bag

Kilogram Transparent T-Shirt Bag

Grocery bag, bakery bag, patisserie bag, grocery bag, also known as grocery bag pound transparent rustling athlete bags mini-size athlete bags, small-sized athlete bags, medium-sized athletes bag as a 1-kilogram package is presented to your service. There are 20 packages in the box.

I would like to direct you to the printed bag category if you want colored transparent plastic t-shirt bags with your company’s custom logo.

Nowadays, most plastic transparent athletes are made of polyethylene (low density or high density). Plastic transparent rustic athlete bags, better than paper bags when wet as in rain. Plastic transparent athlete bags can often be re-used as garbage bags or recycled with other plastic containers.

Product Features

  • Material             Low Density and High Density / Polyethylene
  • Colors                Transparent, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Navy Blue, Green
  • Packaging         Box or Packaging
  • Use                   Suitable for companies that include food, such as market, greengrocery, bakery.

About Us
Are you a manufacturer of plastic bags?
Yes, we are professional manufacturer of plastic bags with 20 years experience. We manufacture various plastic bags with good quality and competitive price.
I want to have my own logo. Is this possible ?
Yes, we can make your own company logo printed on it.
Can I get free samples?
To check the quality of our printed and unprinted plastic bags, you can buy from samples with buyer cargo payment.
What is the Delivery Time?
It is delivered to the cargo on the same day from the products in our stock. You can get information from us for your special orders. E-Mail: bilgi@hosgorplastik.com , Phone: +90 0224 618 04 24 , Whatsapp: +90 541 316 16 39

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